You will need to arrive Sunday morning and we will meet you at the motel. I recommend staying at a family owned motel called Baker’s motel located in Norwich, Ohio. It’s a clean and friendly motel located less than a half mile from Interstate 70 and within 20 minutes of our properties. The rooms are spacious and equipped with televisions, refrigerators and microwaves. If you arrive late at night, they will send you a code so you can get in your room.

If you are flying into Columbus International Airport we will discuss the details over the phone. I recommend renting a 4x4 vehicle of some sort.

We will discuss the property you will be hunting. Once we discuss the property, we will drive to the property and show you where you will be hunting. There is nothing worse than trying to find a stand in the dark the first morning when you have never hunted the property. I do not want you to have to deal with that. It spooks deer and can be dangerous if you do not know where you are walking.

Last year almost all of the hunters drove their own vehicles to the properties once we showed them where they were hunting. They wanted the freedom to come and go on their own schedule. That is fine with me, but I encourage you to stay in the stand as long as possible. Some of the properties you will have to be dropped off and picked up by us because that is what the landowner wants. Personally, when I drove to an outfitter to hunt whitetails in the past, I always preferred to drive myself to the property if it was allowed because I wanted all of my hunting equipment in my vehicle in case I needed it. I also, didn’t want to be on the outfitter and other hunters schedules.

I have bucks mounted ranging from 120 inches all the way to 210 inches. Almost all of them were taken within a 20 mile radius of my residence. I consider this 20 mile radius the best place in the United States to harvest a giant whitetail. Don’t let the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young numbers fool you. What I mean by that is, most bucks that get harvested in that category in our area don’t even get recorded in the record books. For example, 170 gross class deer are a dime a dozen at my local taxidermist shop. I know of 15 different 200 gross inch bucks that have been taken in our area in just the past 3 years. That’s the reason I consider Muskingum County the best kept secret when it comes to giant whitetails.

Once you harvest your trophy, we will help track it, field dress it, and transport it out of the woods. We will take it to the processor and have it capped out for taxidermy if you choose to do so. I have a great taxidermist that will have your trophy mounted within a few months.

Our top priorities are SAFETY and COMFORT. When you feel safe and comfortable in the tree or blind, your only focus is making a good shot. You will hunt the safest ladder stands and tree stands on the market. We also have several shadow hunter ground blinds. I have hunter safety system lifeline ropes connected to every tree stand. You have to be connected at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. I have climbed up a tree thousands of times and never fell until 2 years ago. The lifeline rope did its job and saved my life.

I look forward to having a big part in you harvesting a trophy buck that will make a life lasting memory.

We harvested many trophy bucks this past season and I look forward to next season being just as great.

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Ohio Deer Hunting Land

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Book Your Hunt

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Hunt The Best Kept Secret In The Midwest

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Hunt Ohio Whitetail Deer

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Book Your Hunt

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Book Your White Tail Deer Hunt

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Hunt The Best Kept Secret In The Midwest

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Hunt The Best Kept Secret In The Midwest

Buck Whisperer Outfitters Ohio Deer Hunting Land

About Us

We are located in what I consider the Golden Triangle of Ohio, consisting of Muskingum, Licking, and Coshocton Counties. Our properties consist of hardwoods, funnels, creek bottoms, corn fields, alfalfa, food plots, pines, and benches. They also have large continuous acres of hardwoods that feed into them. This makes it perfect for having many bucks cruising through especially during November.

Buck Whisperer Outfitters
Matt Reed Outfitter / Owner

We specialize in making whitetail deer hunting dreams become a reality. We offer first class bow/gun whitetail deer hunts on low pressure properties in Muskingum County Ohio. Muskingum County holds some of the biggest whitetails in the world. We will work our hardest to put you in the best position for a successful hunt. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship so you have a great chance at harvesting a trophy buck year after year.

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