Frequently Asked Questions

The website is updated daily and will show if a certain week is full or if there are spots available. We will only run a certain amount of hunters on each property the entire season.
The local motel we use costs around $50 a night for a single room and $60 for a double. If you come with a group you’ll have about $150 each for the room, around $210 for license and tag, and then whatever you spend on food. Processing and deer capping will be around $105. So, if you harvest a deer and stay the full 5 days and get it processed and capped out it’ll be an additional $515-$615 depending on how much you spend on food.
Yes, we have a 140 minimum. Bucks that are mature and score over 130 but less than 140 can be taken and we will show you trail cam pictures of them beforehand. More than likely they will be 8 points. There is a penalty for shooting an immature buck and we will discuss that before you book.
My dad helps me and so do some close friends and family members depending on where you are hunting. We invest a lot of time and resources in locating big deer with the use of wireless Spartan cameras and the best and most comfortable/safe stands and ground blinds. All of the people that help me are trustworthy nice people.
You will stay at Bakers Motel in Norwich unless you want to stay at another hotel. The link to their website is on our website. We recommend Bakers because you can back your truck right up to the door and it’s centrally located from the properties. It’s an older family owned motel and they are friendly people. You can also get a code to check into your room if you show up in the middle of the night. In my opinion, Big Fancy lodges are a waste of money and have nothing to do with the quality of the properties you’ll be hunting. It’s an added expense that requires running more hunters on the property just to pay for the lodge, utilities, and food. As far as food is concerned, there are deli’s nearby and every restaurant chain you could think of within a 20 minute drive.
Most of the properties we lease allow the hunters to drive and park at the property they’ll be hunting. Other properties you’ll have to be dropped off and picked up each day by one of us. Personally, when we went on outfitted deer hunts in the past, we preferred to drive my own truck to the property because all of my gear is with me and in case of an emergency. Most of the hunters preferred to drive to the location they were hunting once we visited the property.
We will track and recover your deer and field dress it for you unless you prefer to field dress it. Your deer can be processed within 24 hours from a local processor and it costs $80. We will take your trophy to him and he will refrigerate your meat until you leave. Most of my hunters took their bucks to my taxidermist and his turnaround time is amazing. It’s around 2-3 months. If you want to have your deer capped out at the processor, it’ll cost $25. My taxidermist charges $500 for a shoulder mount.
Some properties have food plots and some don’t because we are in a county full of agriculture. The properties consist of rolling hills, ridges, creek bottoms, agriculture fields, and logging roads.
This is a tough question to answer because we’ve had hunters get out every day from 11-2. That means you’re disturbing the woods and spreading scent 4 different times throughout the day. Your chances will go down tremendously if you do this. If you aren’t able to sit all day, I recommend going in late morning and sitting until dark. We provide the most comfortable stands and ground blinds so you can stay as long as possible.

Buck Whisperer Outfitters
Matt Reed Outfitter / Owner

We specialize in making whitetail deer hunting dreams become a reality. We offer first class bow/gun whitetail deer hunts on low pressure properties in Muskingum County Ohio. Muskingum County holds some of the biggest whitetails in the world. We will work our hardest to put you in the best position for a successful hunt. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship so you have a great chance at harvesting a trophy buck year after year.

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