Hi, my name is Mark Brubaker and I live in Richland, Pennsylvania. My full time job is working in corrections in PA, but when I’m not there I am always working on something in the outdoors. I was fortunate enough to have a lifelong dream come true when I got to kick for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2006 preseason and then play in NFL Europe for the Rhein Fire.

Now, another dream has come true because I always wanted to be part of a great whitetail outfitter operation. I have realized that dream by being able to work with Buck Whisperer Outfitters in Ohio.

My father got me into hunting at around 8 years old. I had to track his deer due to him being color blind and not able to see blood. I personally started hunting at 12 years old and I harvested a great PA spike buck at the age of 13 and have never looked back. I have been lucky enough to harvest bucks in Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and of course my home state of Pennsylvania.

I am a currently a Pro-staffer for Mountain Hollow Game Calls and I enjoy chasing turkeys around in the spring with the boys from MHGC. Starting the spring of 2022 I look forward to conducting all Turkey hunts for Buck Whisperer Outfitters.

For the past 7 years or so I have been heavily involved with the One Wish Foundation where we take children with life altering medical, social, and physical disabilities on outdoor adventures of a lifetime. These adventures have been life changing for me and I have really grown as a person helping many families in need.

Mark Brubaker Buck Whisperer Outfitters

Mark Brubaker Continues...

My passion for the outdoors comes from not only harvesting animals, but being able to hunt with great friends and family. I truly feel that there is something about the outdoors that is healing and allows me to unwind from my day to day grind. I work hard all year to make sure properties are set up correctly so that everyone that hunts anywhere with us has the best opportunity to harvest a trophy animal. I enjoy setting up properties and when it all comes together for me it is about memories in the field.

I am obsessed with hunting whitetails and 6 years ago I spoke with Matt on the phone about hunting whitetails in Ohio. After a great conversation, my group of friends/family decided to hunt with Matt and Buck Whisperer Outfitters. We have harvested great whitetail bucks every year since. I recently harvested my biggest buck to date. It was a near 190 inch mainframe 9 pointer. I still stare at it in amazement on my wall and relive all of the memories leading up to the hunt. Matt has become a great friend, and 4 years ago I offered up my guiding services to help him and his dad Steve out. Matt took me up on the offer and we have never looked back. You won’t find a more honest and hard-working outfitter than Matt Reed, and that is why I wanted to help him with his operation. He has personally taught me how he runs his operation all the way down to the last fine detail like properly closing the windows on a blind. His attention to detail is what allows his hunters to be successful. This is why he has been just as successful as a hunter as he is an outfitter. I have truly enjoyed guiding great clients and when my phone rings because someone harvested a whitetail it makes me feel a part of their hunt.

At Buck Whisperer Outfitters we will do everything we can to put you on a world class whitetail. Matt has outstanding properties and they are well managed for quality big bucks. We also have great relationships with the landowners and they want to see you have a successful hunt just as much as we do. We do not over hunt our properties and when you are here you will be given the best opportunity to hunt a trophy deer.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you have the excitement that I’ve had harvesting mature bucks while hunting with Buck Whisperer Outfitters in Ohio.

Good luck in the upcoming Hunting Season!
Mark Brubaker Buck Whisperer Outfitters

Buck Whisperer Outfitters
Matt Reed Outfitter / Owner

We specialize in making whitetail deer hunting dreams become a reality. We offer first class bow/gun whitetail deer hunts on low pressure properties in Muskingum County Ohio. Muskingum County holds some of the biggest whitetails in the world. We will work our hardest to put you in the best position for a successful hunt. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship so you have a great chance at harvesting a trophy buck year after year.

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